Residential building for 18 appartments for rent in Torre de Capdella

The building is located in the Vall Fosca. Due to the weather, especially harsh in winter, it means that the houses have to be very closed to the north and seek an essential orientation to the south, from where they receive the sun. The maximum compactness is sought and that all the houses face south.

The access to the building is also from the south, to avoid the danger of frost in winter. The natural condition of the environment makes the materials of the facades natural. So, the stone will materialize the walls, with a high thermal inertia, and the wood the solar control elements, materials used in practically all the houses in the area. The slate roofs are another element that marks the image of the area.

The main purpose of the building is to be a good space to live and enjoy nature. The best living conditions are sought: Silence, tranquility, and seclusion in a pleasant and simply organized environment. The houses can ventilate through both facades and can receive light from the south (all living rooms).


Institut Català del sòl (INCASOL) / Direcció General d’Habitatge , Generalitat de Catalunya


2.103,03 sqm


Project October 2005-2006, Construction: 2007 - 2008


Ll. Duart SL, Services; J. Bernuz, estructura; Taller d’Enginyeria Ambiental, G. Funes costs


Anna Codina