Public service Hall in Zugdidi, Georgia

The Public Service Hall (PSH) has a new external image easily recognizable and memorable. The architectural concept that generates the shape of this building is both strong and simple:

Thanks to the interleaved frame system, the volume of different levels with unique colors, an image of the new building will soon be identified easily by the citizens of Zugdidi.

There is no other building similar to the new PSH in Zugdidi and probably in Georgia. The image of this building: honest, colorful, friendly, clear, transparent, open, functional, modern and spectacular is unique and must correspond to the image that citizens of Zugdidi have of themselves.

The Public Service Hall presents itself as a volume which is sensible to the place where it is located. It fits carefully as a new gate for the park and as a roof that embraces any pedestrian. The new building shows clearly that the central park has a new extension and there is a new entrance to the new part of the park.

Both values, transparency and sensibility for environment are the building characters that can be applied to the institution that the building represents as well, the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.


Ministry of Justice of Georgia


4.358 sqm


Project 2012. Construction 2014


Hylke Bleeker, David Kevanishvili


Toni Casamor (As ceo cofounder bcq),