Public library Gabriel Ferrater in Sant Cugat, Barcelona

The new library will be built in an important city parc in Sant Cugat del Vallès and therefore its main concept stays in considering the building as an extension of the parc in all ways: The roof will take profit of the park topography and will be built and used as part of the park, with trees and a long curved pathway along the perimeter of the building. Some patios opened on the roof will provide light and ventilation to the interior of the library. They will be also accessible and will be considered as ceiling-open spaces of the library itself.

The library is also conceived as an interior landscape and its spaces will be distinguished as valleys, canyons and forests. The different parts of a fluid and changing landscape.


Ajuntament de Sant Cugat


Building 8.445.674 € - Landscape: 1.078.000 €


5.061 m2m2 - Landscape; 9.483 m2


Competition: 2016 - Project: 2017


Toni Casamor. (As CEO cofounder bcq)