New sports Hall in Olot (Girona)

The new sports hall was built to be seen as a volume levitating off the ground. The body achieves a clear and well-rounded geometry. It is a way of hiding the huge dimension of the volume that could seem disproportionated in the delicate environment. The colour of the façade was taken from our first pictures of the trees existing previously on the site. They will stay somehow thanks to the colours of the new façade.

The double façade helps to bring energy to the air-conditioning and hitting system of the building reducing spectacularly the need of energy for it.

The interior, in contrast with the exterior, appears as a blank canvas, with a big empty frame where the sport is developed. The players will always be seen from the outside and they will also have the sensation of playing in nature.


Ajuntament d'Olot


3.779.577 € (P.E.M. 3.176.115 €)


4.068 m2


Competition: 2006 - Project: 2006-2008 - Construction: 2008-2010


Excover, SA


Toni Casamor. (As CEO cofounder bcq)