New Palau Blaugrana. Competition for the new sport pavilion. Barcelona

In our time architecture should not meet the wishes and dreams of one person: the architect. It must explain and answer a much more complete reality; must satisfy the wishes of the community and respond to its location in the city.

The proposal is presented as a sequence of two buildings linked by the underground oriented so that they can build and solve this area of urban space. It is intended not only to solve the interior of the volumes but especially to generate quality in the urban areas generated by these volumes; the public space of the city.

It’s about to «build Espai Barça», a new urban space understood as an urban sport «campus» which embodies the essence of a football club and where this relates physically with their city. Through this public urban space the Club shows tangibly its values. Upon building this space the Club builds the image that the organization showcases to the fans, the people and the world.

The Nou Palau Blaugrana is set out as a multipurpose, flexible and multifunctional arena with a compact and easy design. A prismatic architecture full of activity. The smaller volume, facing the stadium will be the arena venue, destined to major indoor events. The largest volume faces and builds the avenue Dr. Marañón façade and will house all training activities or lesser capacity. The roofs of both volumes could house training outdoors courts. The main arena design provides the highest flexibility, suitable for both multiple sport and concert entertainment. The facades of the buildings are simple and transparent. They show activity inside sincerely and use ceramic as a main material. They showcase thus one of the materials with longest constructive tradition in the country.


Barcelona Fútbol Club


46.383 sqm


Competition: 2016


MAKE architects and David Manika


Toni Casamor. (As ceo cofounder bcq)