Nautical faculty and entrepreneurship spaces building in Port of Barcelona

This is a light and dynamic building that avoids the rotundity of strict urban volumetry and seeks to relate to the movements of ships, the vibration of engines on the waves, and the lightness of sails, water, and wind.

The building includes two different uses and institutions: a university and an entrepreneurship workplace and tries to bring special common spaces to allow the interaction between both. Extraverted, full of terraces, viewpoints, and slits that discover the city, Montjuic, the horizon, and the sea, the building will also generate socialization, sharing, and crossing of ideas. The new centre will offer a rich interior life through a clear and pleasant succession of socializing spaces that will encourage contact, dialogue, and exchange between users.

The general structure of the building allows the pieces of the program to be arranged in different possible configurations.


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Ajuntament de Barcelona BIMSA


Building 13.689,72m2