Kindergarden in Degà Bahí Street (Barcelona)

The nursery school is not only the place where children’s educational activities take place; its architecture is part of the task of education and relationship with the world of the little ones. With this definition, the project builds an environment of spatial relationships between girls and between the inside and the outside that must constitute a clean, simple, and cheerful frame of reference for the children.

The garden fence, for example, embraces the entire building and becomes part of the facade itself. The high-ceiling entrance hall and the outdoor garden are the places where the children meet, play, and learn to share.


Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona


700,00 m2, Landscape 400,10 m2


Project: 2009 - Built: January 2012


T. Gibernat, services; E. Xercavins, structure; Modest Mor arq. Tècnic, Technical Construction Management.


Anna Codina