Health Center (CAP) in La Llagosta

The proposal opts for the compactness of the new volume, giving priority, the maximum dimension, and spatial quality to the waiting areas. An interior patio facing Avinguda 11 de Setembre visually incorporates its magnificent trees inside. It takes full advantage of the privileged location, as an isolated building at the head of a civic square. Access will be from this new square. The transparent lobby incorporates the building’s interior courtyard and appears as an extension of the Plaza.

The volume of the new building is respectful of the neighbouring residential buildings so as not to interrupt their sunshine and views. A facade is proposed that can adapt depending on the solar orientation of each face, varying aspects such as the density and geometry of the openings by incorporating filter elements that can have the dual function of both guaranteeing the privacy of consultations and ensuring control of solar radiation.


GISA Gestió d’Infrastructures, S.A.


Building 3.000m2