Can Clariana. Community and cultural center (Barcelona)

The new civic centre, formerly known as Espai Felip II, was a mèdium-sized old theatre within the Association of neighbours of the Congrés-Indians neighbourhood facilities, which has become obsolete due to deterioration over time.

It is an austere and rational construction, while simple in its materials.

The rehabilitation of this cultural community space represents a remarkable opportunity to act from the perspectives such as economy and energy efficiency, flexibility, and durability.

These actions make sense from the moment when they are aimed at providing the theatre with maximum functionality and comfort.

The theatre is designed as a simple unitary volume located between buildings, leaving one side overlooking the square. From the point of view of the image of the building, it is conceived as a large vertical facade of two stories that orders and regularizes the irregular openings inside, while the sidelong dividing walls are understood to cover uniform elements.


Barcelona d’Infraestructures Municipals (BIMSA)


Built area: 1.071 sqm. Landscape: 600 sqm


Project: 20014. Construction: 2017


Toni Casamor. (As ceo cofounder bcq)