Aula K, Modular space for environmental education. (Sta Coloma de Gramenet)

The project involves the design and construction of a prototype module for environmental education classroom to install in different locations in the park network of the metropolitan area of Barcelona. This is a multipurpose space focused on specific environmental activities for school groups and families.

It is designed to be able to adapt itself to any location and orientation and is built with industrialized ‘dry’ systems in the workshop to optimize costs and recycle its construction materials.

The interior should easily interact with outer space; it should be easy to work from the interior in connection with the exterior.

The building itself will host animals, insects, birds, bats… and the raining water of the roof is canalized and dropped into the ground to water a tree.


AMB Àrea Metropolitana de Barcelona / Ajuntament de Sta. Coloma Gramenet


123.660 €


Building 110 m2, Landscape; 58 m2


Project: 2018 - Construction: 2018


Constructora CALAF SAU


Toni Casamor. (As CEO cofounder bcq)