Maritime Terminal in Lisbon

With the construction of the Cruise Terminal, it is intended to create a symbol of the city, improving the relationship between it and the Tagus River, as well as the revitalization of a broader urban area. For this, the potential of two simultaneous reading scales of the building is highlighted, the distant and the close, with a hybrid relationship between the solid and the fragmented.

The unit furthers its potential as a functional and regenerative machine, while the fragmentation is used as a way to generate an efficient distribution of the program, presenting clear paths to the user through the space, as well as to enhance controlled permeability from, to, and through. of the building. More than teaching, what is intended is to reveal certain obvious things.


Administração do Porto de Lisboa, SA


20.185 sqm- Landscape: 46.790 sqm


June 2010


Toni Casamor (As ceo cofounder bcq)