«Club Nàutic Tarragona» headquarters

The built complex is generated as a new volumetry of the platforms of the marina, understanding its integration as a change to the topography of the port.

This new topography generates an elevated platform that gathers the main social activities of the Club and is arranged in the best visual conditions of dominance over the marina and the views over the inlet, the future western beach, and the horizon.

This platform located on the crowning level of the west wing will have one part inside the main building, and another outside as a solarium terrace around the swimming pools and the main balcony with views over the harbor

The situation and orientation of the main building respond to the double need to segregate a dedicated space for the Yacht Club within the marina and to make the most of the dual orientation marina – west beach on the upper level.

The roof of the main building escapes these considerations and is defined as a simple and resounding volume that precisely gives this building its emblematic character. A displacement of this cover with respect to the built volume generates a large portal facing the main pedestrian promenade of the port as the main access to the Club and the west beach.

In the basement of the buildings are the office activities (Captainship and Club administration), dressing rooms, archive, engine room, and a reserve of space for future activities.


Reial Club Nàutic de Tarragona


1.264.990 € (P.E.M. 916.394 €)


Built area: 1.970 sqm. Dev. area: 700 sqm


Competition: 1995. Project: 1995-1996. Construction: 1996-1997


D. Baena, C. Casamor, J.M. Quera. Collaborator: Cruz Lacoma. Structures: M. Arquijo. Installations: J.M. Portell


Toni Casamor (As ceo cofounder bcq)